Kfar Saba and Raanana Love Animals

Welcome to Kfar Saba and Raanana Love Animals

We are a non-profit animal rescue organisation dedicated to caring for abandoned, neglected and abused cats and dogs. Our mission is to find each animal a loving forever family home.

We provide many services to help our cats and dogs along the road to adoption:

Daily care which meets the most modern and humane international standards.

Basic and critical medical needs, up to and including major operations – we don't give up.

Professional trainers who work with them before and after adoption to help them transition to family life.

Foster homes which provide them with love and security, breaking down barriers and helping them open up to new experiences.

Adoption, foster care, medical and administrative staff (all 100% volunteers) who work on a daily basis to ensure that the animals in our care have the best future possible.

We have a national reputation for excellence and enjoy the support of local veterinarians, municipalities and national government entities.

We believe that every dog and cat deserves a loving family, a safe, comfortable home and a chance at a better life.





We serve the community in many different ways:

    1. Rescue of injured animals and animals in distress.
    2. Medical care for stray cats and homeless/abandoned dogs.
    3. Finding homes for abandoned/homeless dogs and cats.
    4. Capture feral/stray cats for neutering and sterilization.
    5. Consulting for residents regarding treatment of animals.
    6. Training and maintenance of proper feeding points for feral/stray cats.
    7. Advocates of spaying and neutering of stray and feral cats to reduce the population living on the streets, prevent the reproduction of feral cats in public areas and reduce the number of abandoned and homeless cats.
    8. Neutering and spaying of dogs to reduce the number of abandoned and homeless dogs.
    9. Educating the public and youth about animals and prevention of abuse.
    10. Promotion of animal protection laws.