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4 תמונות של כלבים ברוצועה מסתכלים למצלמה

Senior Dogs

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, at times elderly dogs are brought to us. After a lifetime of being part of a family the homesickness, shock, and stress of life at the shelter can lead to behavioral issues, physical problems and even death. Imagine their confusion and fear. They are in desperate need of a caring foster family and ultimately an adoptive family who can give them the comfort they need to be happy and healthy.

Abandoned Puppies

We often get calls about litters of puppies that have been found tossed by the roadside in the cold and rain or in the scorching heat of an Israeli summer. Often the puppies have not even been weaned. Our spay and neuter advocacy works to educate the community about the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets, so sad situations like these will no longer happen. We care for them until they are ready for adoption, and then bring them to our weekly adoption day events. Thankfully, little puppies draw an excited crowd, and most of them usually find homes pretty quickly. But there's always one or two that get left behind, and become part of a group of dogs that patiently wait, week after week, month after month, for that true love connection.

Abused and Neglected Dogs

We find and are brought abused, abandoned, or neglected dogs. These dogs can be frightened or anxious, and as a result can be challenging when first approached. But under that tough exterior lie hearts of gold. All they need is a chance. Over time, as they get to know us and trust us, we see a different side come out. We have trainers who work closely and patiently with them. They gain confidence and a sense of security, and are ready to let their true selves shine out to the world.

Returned Dogs

Unfortunately, despite all good intentions on the part of the adoptive family, sometimes the adoptions don't work out.  Dogs with traumatic histories and long stays in the shelter may at times find it difficult to overcome their anxiety and fear, resulting in behavioral issues and even aggression.  When a dog is returned to us, his emotional instability generally goes from bad to worse.  Fortunately, we have a foster family program. A good foster family takes in a dog until he is adopted.  They help the dog rebuild his trust in people and develop the stability he needs to feel secure in the world.  Living in a home, encountering family, friends and service people coming and going, learning to play and interact with children – all these things prepare him for an easier transition to a permanent home.  The transformation we see after a dog has spent some time in a foster home is truly remarkable. We are eternally grateful to the generous people who give their love so selflessly.

And More…

We have many more dogs, each individual with its unique story.  Each dog has been through hard times.  We want to ensure that once they come to us, their future will be bright, safe and secure.

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