Our Activities

מתנדבת עם כלב שחור ולבן, חתול אפור עם רקע סגול ומתנדבים הולכים עם כלבים


We have volunteers who help with our online content and other marketing.  They take pictures of the dogs and cats and maintain the website, Facebook, and other adverts for pet adoption.

Dog & Cat Adoption

We are careful to screen each potential adopter to ensure that this is the right fit for the dog and that the adopter is ready to be a dog guardian. Our coordinators speak with the adopters at length, and we also have trainers on hand who can add his or her advice.

Cat Hospital

The hospital takes care of injured and sick cats, and cats recovering from surgery and spaying/neutering.  Volunteers are needed to take care of the cats and see to their medical needs.  We train the volunteers – all they need to bring is their love of cats.

Foster Homes

Foster homes play a critical role in preparing our dogs for adoption.  We receive many dogs who simply could not survive the emotional ordeal of waiting for adoption in a cage at the shelter, no matter how well they are taken care of.  These dogs are often emotionally fragile, frightened or extremely anxious, and need the comfort and stability of a home.  Our foster homes take in these dogs and love them like they are family, helping them to develop the confidence they need to embark on a happy new life in an adoptive home. 
No dog is adopted before we feel he is ready and we have found the right family to meet his needs.

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מתנדבת עם כלב שחור ולבן בידים
our activities
חתוה מנומרת יושבת על 3 ספרים
our cats
גור כלב קטן בצבע דבש שוכב על פוף אפור גדול עם צעצועים
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