גור שחור וגור לבן ושחור ו3 גורים בכלוב וגור גינגי
  1. Cats and their care are the reason our organization was founded in the first place.  Today, we continue to provide a variety of services to maintain the health and welfare of the cats in our area.

    Catch and Release

    Our catch and release spay/neuter program strives to ensure the street cat population stays under control.


    Our rescue operation responds to calls about cats that are trapped or in distress.  We send out professionals to rescue the cats, assess the situation, and either release them or take them in for medical attention.

    Cat Hospital

    Our cat hospital provides medical care for illnesses and injuries, and for recovery following surgery, including spaying/neutering.


    We often find cats that are appropriate for adoption and find them loving homes.


    We provide guidance and advice in the following areas:

    – Street cat feeders
    – Finding homes for kittens

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